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My latest story! "Morocco Rococo" in Carolina Crimes: Rock, Roll, and Ruin.

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Hot off the press!
Beautiful in Death

Fasten your seat belts and prepare for a journey that involves jealousy, spite, betrayal, horror, fear, and grief, bracketed at each end by the discovery of a dead body.

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...a simply riveting read with more unexpected plot twists and hair-raising turns than a Coney Island roller coaster."

Midwest Book Review

Death in Delmarva

2016 Freddie Award



Set in 1960s Washington, DC, the atmosphere is perfect. You'd swear you were right back there again. Taylor nailed it. You'll read this in one sitting...because you

can't help it."

Lit World Interviews

The Typist

There's nothing loose about Loose Ends. From the very first line, this dark-zig-zagging and suspenseful narrative tightens the knot and doesn't let up."

Louis Bayard

Loose Ends

2018 Goodreads

Best Thriller

Set in DC

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