Death in Delmarva

Recipe for mayhem: Take a childhood act that got the now-dead woman fired. Add a dollop of inebriated loose tongue about the plight of her husband. Mix liberally with a desire to make things right before the dead woman's baby becomes an orphan.

Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  To find the baby's father, she must cross the Chesapeake Bay. She doesn't have wheels, but she's not going to let that little problem stop her.

2019. Black Rose Writing. ISBN: 978-1-68433-225-0

The Typist

Longing to transcend her Midwest roots and strict religious upbringing, Judah Lundquist spends her days as a typist. But Washington is not Peoria, and she finds herself caught up in a nightmare that threatens to subvert all the values she's tried to uphold while exposing secrets from her past.

A shameful one-night stand lands Judah in a trap of her own doing. To protect what is left of her tattered reputation, she must become a seductress and a thief, betraying the only man who can possibly save her.

2018. Black Rose Writing. ISBN: 978-1-68433-069-0

Enough! Thirty Stories of Fielding Life's Little Curve Balls


The many ways people deal with life's little surprises--from fighting back (How Josie's Problem Got Solved, Elective Surgery) to getting creative (Alley Cat, One of Ours) to taking the cautious approach (Ants, Finding Avery) to escaping (Enough, Departure) or simply throwing in the towel (Dumb Beasts, The Greatest Landlord on Earth).

2018. Literary Wanderlust. ISBN: 978-1-942856-21-4


Loose Ends  Goodreads "best thriller set in DC"

Two sisters on the run—one from a murder charge and the other from a life reduced to ashes. Hiding from the police turns out to be just as hard as hiding from the past.

Neither sister can face jail, a hell they both experienced as teenagers living abroad. Can they remain free, or is it only a matter of time before secrets from the past bring them to death's door?

2017. Moonshine Cove Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-945181-26-9

Jewelry from a Grave

They were addicted to antique jewelry. They each had the same employer. Two of them are roommates. The other two are dead.


When her roommate goes missing, P.J. Smythe goes looking for the only person who might know where she is:  the thug whose brutal handiwork has just decorated the side of her face.

2013. Gale Cengage. ISBN: 978-1-4328-2687-1

What Are Friends For?
Her roommate is missing, but the only person who might know about it is the thug whose brutal handiwork has just decorated the side of P.J. Smythe’s face.
This fast-paced, light-hearted spoof of the classic hard-boiled whodunit explores the lengths to which Annapolis skip tracer P.J. Smythe must go to dodge a murder charge, including dipping a reluctant toe into the Washington political scene and looking into the seamy side of the illegal trade in wildlife--all while fending off the attentions of her former husband and a really desperate ex-boyfriend.
2011. Gale Cengage. ISBN: 978-1-59414-956-6
Publishing the Nonprofit Annual Report
Everything you always wanted to know about planning, scheduling, budgeting for, writing, editing, designing, printing, and distributing the printed annual report.
"At last, a book that helps nonprofit associations produce annual reports on time, on budget, and on target for their audiences."--J.D. Andrews, Council for Professional Recognition
2001. Jossey Bass. ISBN: 0-7879-5410-1

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